Thursday, May 18, 2006

Skype pricing for calls in USA

Skype announced that until December 31, all calls from SkypeOut users living in USA and Canada users to landline AND mobile phones in the USA/Canada are totally free. Unfortunately calls from other countries are priced according to standard rates.
I wonder how soon US Skype accounts will be available for sale on the Ebay. I would guess that many European and Asian companies and private persons would be happy to get those free unlimited calls. As Skype uses IP-number verification for location of the caller, this can be difficult.

Netgear has created a special Skype Wi-Fi phone. It looks like a regular cell phone, but only can make calls using Skype protocoll from Wi-Fi places which does not require logging in. As I understood "looging in" in this case means providing username and password to Wi-Fi net provider using web browser interface. As phone supports WEP, it should be possible to use at home and at most other places. Looks like the price is about 60 USD.

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