Friday, June 09, 2006

Blogging by phone

When you absolutely MUST create a blog post but has NO access to Internet, there is a solution! You can make a phone call and leave a message which gets posted to your blog! is a partner with allows to save voice messages as blog posts in They are saved as MP3 files. To access audioblogger, login to your Blogger account and on the "Edit Profile" page click "audio clips" link. You will get a phone number in USA which you can call and leave a voice message. This message will be posted to your ordinary Blogger blog.
Not sure if this audio blog post is compatible with podcasting software.
Next time I will test bloggin from email and from a mobile device. Looks like text and photos can be posted from cell phones to Blogger.

Steps to post a voice message to Blogger:

1. Call the number
(Listen very carefully to the Voice Prompts)
2. Enter your Primary Number
3. Enter your PIN, press #
4. Record your post, Press #
5. Press 1 to post, 2 to review, 3 to re-record.

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