Saturday, September 16, 2006

Action icons for Domino applications

Why use stock icons instead of standard Domino images?
Icons deliver the first impression when someone experiences your application or visits your website. Adding stock icons can be the difference between giving an impression of merely functional, or looking professional.

Designing professional-quality icons ranges from time-consuming (if you're artistic) to virtually impossible (if you’re not artistic - witness the shopping cart on the left).

For a fraction of the cost of having a graphics design professional on staff, the solution is to acquire a set of stock icons. A stock icon collection typically contains 100 or more icons that represents the functionality common to most applications and websites (help, copy, paste, shopping carts, flags, locks).

Here is a review and list of many web sites offering free and commercial icons:


Kerr said...

Some nice free icons I've used:
FamFamFam Icons
The biggest set is .png, so you can't use them in Notes Client work without converting them.

Using nice stock icons really does help.

mdm-adph said...

yeah -- just when is Notes going to get .png support? I would love to FamFamFam's transparent set...

Andrei Kouvchinnikov said...

I used some of the FamFamFam's icons. I re-saved them to transparent GIF files using GIMP editor.

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased a couple of collections from Icon Kits. The quality is stunning but the prices is very attractive.

Adi said...

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