Monday, December 25, 2006

Sametime bot shows a random Bible quote

To celebrate Christmas holidays, I've re-enabled "biblerandom" command for Sametime bot. This command shows a random verse from the Bible (both Old and New Testaments).

The Notes database which bot uses for finding answers was created from a Microsoft Access database and contains all books from King James's version of the Bible. The search function is implemented using LotusScript agent triggered from the bot.

Click HERE to try the Sametime bot command. After you logged in to chat application using any name, type "biblerandom" or "bible" without quotes and click the "Say" button. You can send this command many times, each time you will get a new Bible verse.


Bible Bot



happy said...

As for me Christmas is not a religious holiday anymore! It's common! And it's great! People let Christmas come into their souls! I love Christmas! I have some Christmas quotes and reading them helps me to feel Christmas spirit and love when I'm lost!

Adi said...
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Adi said...

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