Friday, March 24, 2006

overture/yahoo ads network has serious cancer and will not survive the operation

Today I opened the MSN Adcenter account.
Currently MSN is showing 40% of all ads from it's own Adcenter and 60% from the Yahoo/Overture ad network.
The problem with Yahoo ads is that they are pretty much useless if you live outside of the USA. Yahoo simply can not deliver the amount of traffic you need unless you open a SEPARATE account for each country. And you must wait for a week to get your ads approved. And believe me, 70% of your ads gets disapproved, if the page you point your ad link does not directly relate to the words in the ad. Does Yahoo think that they know better than me where I want to send visitor who click on my ads?
Sure Yahoo might have higher conversion rate, but who cares about it when they can not deliver the traffic? 100% conversion from 0 visitors is still 0.
Yahoo's ad center interface is very confusing and non-intuitive.

So far I found 1 downside on MSN Adcenter: keywords must be approved before showing them in search. Not sure yet how long it takes to get them approved.

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