Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two new English words I learned today

Today I learned 2 new words. From TV of course :)

The first word is "womanizing", which according to Wikipedia means "engaging in love affairs with women he cannot or will not marry". This interesting word I heard in Simpsons cartoon, the episode when Homer created text for fortune cookie which Mr Burns then read when he was in the restaurang.

The second word is "churched up". It means strong and enthusiastic believing in something, mainly in God. This can apparently be used even in context not related to God. This phrase is from "My name is Earl", episode 2 where Earl begs for forgiveness from a man who was mistakenly convicted to 2 year in prison for robbery which Earl committed.

Today I also did some small changes to SMS123 Domino application, specially in custom LS class methods.

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