Monday, April 10, 2006

Running servlets in Lotus Domino 6

To run servlets in R6 you must do following:
1)In Domino Directory (NAB) open the server's document and in the "Internet Protocols\Domino Web Engine" tab there is "Java Servlets" section. There you choose "Domino Servlet Manager" as Java servlet support.
2)Put servlet's class file into servlets directory (domino\servlet) on your Domino server.
3)Put Java libraries used by servlet (if any needed) to jvm\lib\ext directory in Domino, e.g. C:\Lotus6Server\Domino\jvm\lib\ext

Now your servlet should be able to start. You can test it by calling it by it's file name, e.g.:
Note that you do not specify ".class" file extension when you call the servlet.

If it does not work, restart the Domino server and even better restart the whole computer just to be sure :)

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