Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sametime Bot instructional video and configuration program

I've created a VB program which helps to configure Botstation Sametime Bot. The problem with current configuration is that person installing the Bot must change in BAT-file and in INI-file some customer-specific values, such as server name and login info. It is not very difficult, but several people evaluating the Bot expressed their desire to make the configuration easier. With this new configuration program they do not need to care about what file to open and which variales to change. They don't even need to read the instructions. This will hopefully make many users happy.

I am also planning to create an instructional screen capture video in Flash. To be more precise, several videos: one for each topic. The topics will be:
-Installing Bot
-Configuring Bot
-Creating new Pattern Answer "from scratch"
-Creating new Agent Answer "from scratch"
Each video will be about 2 minutes long, hopefully even with speaker voice, if I find some native English speaker.

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