Friday, July 07, 2006

Start Notes client without typing password

In some situations it is required to start Notes automatically without entering the password. Such situation can be locally running agents on a Notes client. Changing password to empty string is often not a good solution for different reasons.

But there is a solution for this problem. Using extpwd example from Domino C API toolkit it is possible to accomplish this task.

I've compiled the example and you can try it on your Notes client.

Steps to setup the solution:

1) Copy nextpwd.dll to the Notes program directory.
2) Create a file called password.txt in the notes\data directory and type the Notes password there.
3) Add line EXTMGR_ADDINS=extpwd to notes.ini

Now when you start Notes client, it will not ask you for password.


Niklas Waller said...

Nice! and it's also doable by checking the checkbox "Login to Notes using your operating system login" under

Niklas Waller said...

darn* hit the button...
anyway it can be found under 'User security'.

Andrei Kouvchinnikov said...

Yes. But it's too easy. Maybe something for Admins :) And sometimes it is not possible/desireble to change Notes password to OS password. Actually this DLL file was used as a part of a larger solution for running Notes client as Windows Service :)

Anonymous said...

I followed your instruction but it doesn't work.
The dll file is in the notes directory, the txt file in the data directory and I entered the line into the notes.ini
When starting, Lotus asks for a password as before.
I'm using R6

Anonymous said...

Ogromnoe spasibo za eto reshenie.
Yuriy Vasilishin

Anonymous said...

Thank you Andrei
All my automated e-mail processes failed due to manual password issue
now they are running again
Thank you once again.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your solution.
i was looking for a solution to bypass password for a long time. your solution is working. can you give more information about its working.

Joe said...


I followed all the instructions and I was challenged as before. I checked my notes.ini file after this and found that each time (and I tried several times) the line 'EXTMGR_ADDINS=extpwd' was stripped out of the ini.

Is there some security setting that is disallowing such tampering?


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I was having problems creating extension manager, and this was a great help.

Adi said...

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Ricardo said...

Hello Andrei, you saved my day! I have a reporting server that was setup to use this same solution but suddenly stooped working after we upgrade the server's SO from W2K for 2003... Your ZIP pack was essential for me to accomplish the monthly report delivery. Thank you!

Ricardo Picone - Brazil

Anonymous said...

Thank you! keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

works very well thank you very much!!

Durvesh Thorve said...

yeah it works, no complications, thanks a lot

Carlos Gray said...

Does the solution have to be built with the CAPI toolkit or can it be built with the C++API toolkit ? I built a modified version using the C++API toolkit and my EM add-in is never called.