Wednesday, July 26, 2006

AJAX-based Sametime client. Beta release soon.

Finally an alternative to STLinks. No Java, ActiveX or other plug-ins required.

Botstation Technologies will soon release a web-based client for Sametime messaging.
In difference to STLinks, this client does not require Java or ActiveX components installed on the user's computer.

With STAJAX users can pick online people from their buddy list and start interacting with them through text chat. Users can also change their own online status. More features might be included in the final release.

The client-side of the solution consists of a single HTML file which contains JavaScript and CSS. The background logic is done in a servlet. The servlet can be run in Tomcat, Domino, Websphere and other servlet engines. Client uses AJAX technology for data exchange with servlet and generates very little network traffic. Updates of messages sent to web client from other web clients and stand-alone Sametime clients are almost instanteneous. As the client is HTML-based, it is easy to change it's GUI and add/remove functionality. Same JavaScript functions can be called from Flash applications.

Here comes a screenshot of beta release taken in Firefox:
Sametime AJAX
Click image to view full size


Niklas Waller said...

Cool, I suspect it isn't freeware? Interested in trying the Beta to start with though.

Rgds / Nick

Carl said...

This is cool, I hope you get it out and make some money before Lotus ships theirs.

Adi said...

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