Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Avoid caching of web pages

To avoid caching of Domino web pages/documents when re-opening the page, put this code snippet into HTML Head Content property of the form:

"<meta http-equiv=\"Expires\" content=\"0\"> <meta http-equiv=\"Cache-Control\" content=\"must-revalidate\"> <meta http-equiv=\"Cache-Control\" content=\"no-cache\">"


Johan Känngård said...

Tip: HTTP headers can also be configured to be sent via a Header rule in an Internet Site. You can send the "no-cache" headers when a specific URL pattern is requested. A great article in the subject can be found at IBM developerWorks.

Andrei Kouvchinnikov said...

I prefer the old skool :)

mdm-adph said...

Might want to throw this one in there, too:

"<meta http-equiv=\"PRAGMA\" content=\"NO-CACHE\">"

I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but better safe than sorry!

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