Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Embedding AJAX-based Sametime chat widget on web pages

With STWidget web application it is possible to put chat client on any web page. All you need is to include an IFRAME reference into your page's HTML code. Using STWidget, web users can connect to external or internal Sametime server and chat with other people who use either same STWidget web application or a stand-alone Sametime chat client.

If your internal Sametime server allows anonymous users, you can allow web visitors to directly contact selected people (or any person without restriction) without exposing internal Sametime server to Internet. This works because communication between STWidget app and server goes through a servlet, the web client never accesses the Sametime server directly.

The developer of the web page can choose whether users must with username and password or anonymously. There is also a token login mode, where user is logged in automatically with his current credentials which he used for opening the page, so he doesn't need to login twice (first to Domino web application and then to Sametime).

User's web browser does not need to have support for Java applets, the application works using AJAX-style XMLHTTP technology for communication with the web server.

Flash version of the STWidget application is planned to be released in about 2 months, which will overcome the AJAX limitation of only 2 concurrent connections to the web server.

<iframe src="http://stwidget.dyndns.org:19760/stwidget.html?login=anonymous" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="width:175; height:330;"></iframe>

Below is a working example of embedded Sametime chat (not just a picture). Input any name and you'll be logged in to Sametime server where you can chat with our Sametime Bot. Bot knows a lot of jokes, just type "joke" to him and he'll reply with a funny joke :) If you think the joke was not funny, type "joke" again and again until you are satisfied :)

Note: this embedded chat is for testing purposes only. Do not put it on your web site as it can be removed or modified at any time without prior notice. Contact us if you want to place chat widget on your web site.

Demo for anonymous login and login with password: http://www.botstation.com/products/stweb/demo.php