Saturday, October 01, 2005

Websphere vs Tomcat

Why use Websphere when there is Tomcat and other free Java servers which basically do same thing?
Here I will try to find reasons. To come with anti-reasons to thse reasons is an exercise to the reader ;)

1. Rapid Application Development implemented in Websphere can be good for begining developers.
2. You can dynamically create site navigations
3. Easy to test, debug and publish applications
4. All distributed files are packed in one EAR file which makes it easy to manually put on any Websphere server.
5. Fail-over possibilities
6. Monitoring with build-in Tivoli tools

Botstation Technologies - Lotus Domino software provider

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Domino and Sametime blog started

This is the first post in my Domino and Sametime blog.

In later posts I will tell about new features of Domino 7, which I think can be interesting to developers. I mean REAL usefull features, not those which are used once in a year.

Today and tomorrow I am on a seminarium about programming in Rational Application Developer and deploying applications (Stockholm, Sweden). Will report the results later, so far looks like maybe I can give Websphere a try.

Andrei Kouvchinnikov